Al-Sharq Bright International School is a fully licensed school under Ministry license number 124/S issued by the Ministry of Education in Riyadh. Our school takes care of the Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school needs of the young children. We follow the British Curriculum and prepare children for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education- Cambridge (IGCSE). We take pride in calling ourselves as the steady passage to higher education. We have associate arrangements in place with University of Cambridge and British council. Additionally SIS is Cambridge University Approved IGCSE center. We regularly upgrade our teaching methods and approaches. We are taking registrations for Nursery, KG I, KG II and Grades 1 to 10.


The School was established in 2001and exists to provide a British type education, using English as the language of instruction, to boys and girls of all nationalities to all levels. AL-Sharq Bright International School (SIS) is a private school for students aged 3-18. SIS is located in one of the most attractive areas of Al-Khobar - Rakka area on Abu Al-Abbas Al-Nasai Street. The school facilities encompass Spacious class rooms, equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, indoor Playground, an extensive international library, fully equipped computer labs providing Internet lines which are accessible to our students with unlimited time. In school there is a social worker, to help students to overcome all their social problems, at all times free of charge.
AL-Sharq Bright International School Features the following:

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  •   Proven British Curriculum.
  •   International teachers experienced with British Curriculum.
  •   Teaching technique emphasizes real-world applications of teaching points.
  •   Low class size maintaining a maximum of 20 students per class.
  •   Computer learning center.
  •   Library houses a collection of books and also audiovisual equipment for students use.
  •   Air-conditioned transportation services are covered with full insurance.
  •   Indoor recreation room.
  •   Outside shaded yard area for recess and sport activities.
  •   Complete workshop for an art and crafts.
  •   School campus has classrooms for students from nursery to grade 10.
  •   Flexible tuition options
  •   Certificates recognized by the Ministry of Education and accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  •   Ideally located in AL-Khobar- Rakka area with easy access from central AL-Khobar as well as Dhahran, Doha and Dammam.

We offer our students a high quality education, tailored to each and everyone's needs and abilities. The students feel that they belong to a big family, which cares about their well-being in a safe and productive atmosphere. This in turn yields optimal student performance and achievement. This formula produces motivated, confident and outstanding characters that outperform others and serve their society. SIS students are full of confidence, aspiration, highly responsible and more than ready to face real life with success. The school offers its students a wide range of activities during and after school hours to produce well-rounded personalities with healthy social skills. Students are received at SIS as young children and they are guided into the world of knowledge and information to graduate as young adults with well-rounded and unique personalities enabling them to handle responsibility with determination and confidence. We understand and in turn acknowledge the importance of knowing and caring about each student and his or her learning needs, and thus responding accordingly. Finally, we understand that all students learn differently, and that our lessons should address the diverse learning styles in our classrooms. SIS fosters good citizenship and morality which help strengthen the student's identity and ability to participate in society. We maintain high standards through constant improvement of teaching methods.

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