1. When a student leaves school for any reason, the parent must come inside to the administration office, and physically sign the student out.  This must be done, regardless of whether or not a note or phone call was made or given. Students should remain in reception while waiting to be picked up. 
  2. If it is determined that a student needs to go home, a parent must be contacted.  If a student leaves school for any reason other than illness, a written request from parents must be submitted to the administration office giving the exact time the student should be released and the necessity of the absence.  The student will then wait in reception until they are signed out by their parents. 
  3. If a student returns to school the same day after leaving, he/she must sign in at the administration office.  Any time a student comes to school late, no matter what period, he/she must sign in at the administration office.  Otherwise, he/she will be counted absent for the entire day.
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Student Conduct
  • Al-Sharq is in the business of creating future leaders. This means we must develop self-motivated learners. This must be taught and mastered with a strong behavior management program.
  • No student has the right to interfere with another student's right to learn.
  • No student has the right to interfere with the teacher's right to teach.
  • All students will be held accountable for time management.
  • All students will be held accountable for positive work ethic behaviors. (Study skills, homework completion, quality as well as quantity.)
  • Disrespect to a teacher requires an immediate removal from class, and referral to the School Management.  It is the belief of the school that behaviors that damage the class, student performances, and teacher performances must carry a penalty at the classroom level. When discipline is needed out of the class, it will take place away from the teacher. The teacher will always maintain consistency with discipline in the classroom.
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