Al-Sharq Bright International School, in its quest for excellence, attempts to provide a challenging educational environment that prepares students to become enlightened and responsible citizens of the world.
Al-Sharq Bright international School will be an outstanding school system where students achieve their maximum potential in a culture of Continuous improvement.
Accountability; Effectiveness; Integrity; Learning; Nurturing; Opportunity; Partnership; Quality; Stewardship.

The Objectives Are:
  • To provide a warm and pleasant environment for hard work and perseverance.
  • To create a close rapport between teachers and students, and teachers and parents.
  • The school provides qualified staff to cater to children, with adequate support to those with different linguistic backgrounds.
  • The school is set to bring out the best in every child in terms of competition.
  • This will be achieved through class competition like handwriting, art and crafts, projects, spellathon, etc. for which certificates of achievement will be awarded.
  • The teachers will assess each student’s progress in terms of class work, homework, periodic tests, quizzes, and projects.
  • These will be presented in student’s reports. The school’s main objective is to ensure a higher success rate among the students and that the students comply fully with the rules and procedures of the school.
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